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As indicated previously, I am hosting a giveaway of some 35 mm film rolls to mark my YouTube channel hitting 1277 subscribers. This page complements the Instagram post announcing the giveaway, denoting the terms for Entry, and what exactly is up for grabs.

The giveaway rules are below, followed by sample images from, and more information on, the three films available as Prizes.



1)    The giveaway is being hosted on Instagram, who are not affiliated with this giveaway and who do not endorse or sponsor it. Entries not following the rules set forth by me (Alex, Shaka1277) are disqualified from the giveaway. Where there is ambiguity, I reserve the right of the final decision/ruling.

2)    I will promote this giveaway on my YouTube channel’s Community tab but YouTube are not affiliated with this giveaway and do not endorse or sponsor it.

3)    There is no purchase necessary to enter this giveaway.

4)    To comply with varying national sweepstakes regulations globally, only Entries from persons whose primary place of residence is in the following countries are valid: Canada (with the exception of the province of Quebec); Republic of Ireland; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; United States of America (with the exception of the state of Tennessee). Entries from persons whose primary place of residence is in any other location are disqualified for one or more legal or ethical reasons. 

5)    One Entry per person only. Additional questions are welcome but do not increase the chances of winning. The odds of entry, per person, shall be an equal chance for each Entrant, at odds of: [1 in X] where X is the total and final number of valid entries.

6)    Entrants must be 18+ years of age at the time of Entry.

7)    Entry to this giveaway is void where prohibited.

8)    Each “Prize” constitutes one (1) package containing in totality: one (1) roll of Fujicolor 200 as expired in 2007 and containing a rated 36 exposures; one (1) roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 as expired in 1974 and containing a rated 24 exposures; one (1) roll of “FPP Low ISO Color” and containing a rated 24 exposures.

9)    As both the Fujifilm Fujicolor 200 and Kodak Tri-X 400 are expired, I do not guarantee satisfaction with the results the Winner obtains/does not obtain through their usage.

10)    As both the Kodak Tri-X 400 and “FPP Low ISO Color” have been hand-rolled from bulk rolls, there is a possibility of variation in the exposure count, and a possibility of damage to the start/end of any given roll, including but not limited to exposure to light in a similar manner to the phenomenon commonly referred to as “First of the Roll”. 

11)    Subsequent to points (9) and (10) above, I accept no liability for loss of any photographs or works resulting from any potential defects in these films, and offer no warranty of guarantee of quality and/or satisfaction. 

12)    The primary Method of Entry shall be to comment on the Instagram post announcing the giveaway (the “Announcement Post”) with both (1) your question for my Q&A video and (2) a brief description/summary of what you would use the film for. Not all questions will be included in the video and inclusion in the video does not affect your chances of winning the draw. Your question not being included in the video does not mean that you are disqualified from the draw.

13)    By Entering on Instagram, Entrants consent to their Instagram username or the name provided via email (as appropriate, depending on Method of Entry) being used to identify them in the giveaway. 

14)    The Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE) for persons without an Instagram account shall be as per point (12) above, but instead submitting via email to Additionally, entries via this Method must provide a name or pseudonym by which I can identify the Entrant should they win the draw, and Entries that do not include this information are disqualified from the draw.

15)    Questions must be “safe for work” and in good faith. Inappropriate or offensive questions will disqualify your Entry at my discretion.

16)    Entries will be accepted from the time the Announcement Post is created, until such a time that my YouTube channel reaches a total of 1277 concurrent subscribers. Subscribing to my YouTube channel or following my Instagram account does not affect the Entrant’s chances of winning the draw. The Announcement Post will be edited clearly once entries are no longer being accepted, and entries after this time will not qualify for the draw.

17)    Winners will be drawn at random during the recording of the Q&A video which will be uploaded to YouTube after completion, editing, etc. The Winners will be announced on YouTube (via the Q&A video itself and on my Community tab) and Instagram (via a second post separate to the Announcement Post).

18)    I will cover the cost of shipping the Prize packages to the winners. Winners will have seven (7) days from the date I first contact them to provide me with their full shipping details. After three (3) days I will contact Winners a second time if they have yet to respond. After six (6) days I will contact Winners a third and final time to obtain their details. Winners who do not provide their details within the seven (7) day window shall be disqualified without exception and I will draw another winner in their place. 

19)    I will ship the Prizes to the winners by post (An Post) and am not liable for loss of, or damage to, the package during transport by either An Post or your local postal network. I am not liable for theft of, or damage to, the package after delivery.

20)    In the event of loss, damage, or theft, during transport and outside of my control after I do my due diligence to provide the Winner with the Prize, I offer no alternative Prize or reimbursement.

21)    I will ship the packages to each Winner as soon as is practical, within thirty (30) days of the announcement of the Winners. 


As noted above, each Prize constitutes one (1) package containing the following, in totality:

1)    One (1) roll of Fujicolor 200 (expired in 2007) containing a rated 36 exposures.

2)    One (1) roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 (expired in 1974) containing a rated 24 exposures.

3)    One (1) roll of “FPP Low ISO Color” containing a rated 24 exposures.


Fujicolor 200

Colloquially referred to as "ShakaColour", these rolls are from my massive haul of expired film and darkroom equipment in September 2021.

B roll_1.jpg

ShakaColour, all 1277 rolls.

The film has been fogged with age but has been extensively tested by several hundred people at this stage, and it has been found to produce usable results when rated at ISO 100 and nice results at ISO 50-80. Rating at ISO 40 or lower is not recommended as highlights go quite blocky. I normally rate it at 80, personally.


ShakaColour exposure test

Canon EOS 1V & EF 50 mm f/1.8 STM

ShakaColour (@ 200, 100, 50)

C-41 development @ John Gunn Camera Shop

I have also obtained pretty nice results rating this film at 200 and pushing +1 stop in development, though the grain is much more pronounced.


Canon EOS 1V & EF 300 mm f/2.8 L IS USM

ShakaColour (@ 200)

Tetenal C-41 kit (+1, 38 °C) 

Tri-X '74


I have discussed this film previously both on YouTube and on this site but in brief, it is heavily fogged fifty year-expired black and white film. Development has a pretty strong effect on the quality of images afforded. I've shot it rated anywhere from 400 down to 6, with changed development as appropriate. These rolls are not DX-coded.


This is the film I feel you should keep your expectations lowest for. It's a bit crappy compared to fresh Tri-X but at least consistent in its look, so you can lean into it!

2022-06-28 TriX74 exponential test_ei100.jpg

Canon EOS 1V & EF 24-70 mm f/2.8 L USM

Tri-X '74 (@ 100)

HC-110 (1+100, 60:00, 20 °C, exponential agitation)

2022-02-04 TriX74 hc110stand_1.jpg

Canon EOS 1V & EF 24-70 mm f/2.8 L USM

Tri-X '74 (@ 100)

HC-110 (1+100, 60:00, 20 °C, stand development)

FPP Low ISO Color

The FPP Low ISO Color is from a fresh bulk roll and has not expired. This film has an ISO rating of 1.6 but many prefer to shoot it as ISO 1.2 or 1.0. Shooting at ISO 1.6 can be achieved by metering for ISO 25 and adding four stops of exposure (longer shutter speed, wider aperture, or some combination of the two). Shooting at ISO 1.2 or 1.0 would require the same general method but instead using 4.33(...) and 4.5 stops of additional exposure, respectively. These rolls are not DX-coded.

This is a cinema print film and as such as a very strong blue cast intended to counter the orange mask of cinema negatives recorded on Kodak Vision3 250D and similar films. Photographically, this has interesting creative uses.


Hasselblad XPan II & XPan 30 mm f/5.6 aspherical

FPP Low ISO Color (@ 1)

C-41 development @ John Gunn Camera Shop

The film promises extremely high resolution and has quite high contrast. Development in both the ECN-2 and C-41 processes are possible as this film does not possess a remjet layer, meaning it is safe for standard minilab processing or hand processing without a remjet remover.


Hasselblad XPan II & XPan 45 mm f/4

FPP Low ISO Color (@ 1)

C-41 development @ John Gunn Camera Shop

If the look doesn't appeal to you, it can be converted to B&W in post and treated as a high-resolution, high-contrast, low-ISO alternative to Ilford XP2.


Hasselblad XPan II & XPan 45 mm f/4

FPP Low ISO Color (@ 1)

C-41 development @ John Gunn Camera Shop

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